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ACS Environmental Services Inc

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United States
New York
Environmental Services
2081 Homecrest Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229, USA
(718) 339-1984
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ACS Environmental Services, Inc. is a New York full service environmental consulting company founded in 1987. ACS has been providing a full range of environmental consulting services in New York for over 30 years. We offer asbestos testing and investigations, including ACP 5 Reports, Third party project air monitoring for asbestos abatement projects, Indoor air quality surveys, Lead paint inspections using XRF technology, Post abatement lead dust wipe clearance testing, Lead water testing, Microbiological water sample collection for Legionella, E. coli, Coliforms and an assortment of bacteria and other dangerous contaminants, water damage assessments and post mold remediation clearance inspection services.


Our consulting services also include Abatement project designing and management planning. ACS can assist you with Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and clearance inspections for Lead paint and Mold violations issued by either the City of New York Housing and Preservation Development (NYC HPD) or the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH).


At ACS Environmental Services, our success comes as a direct result of our commitment to setting a new standard of client service, coupled with our diverse offering of high-quality environmental consulting services and planning solutions. We are proud to say that for over 30 years of business in New York, we have never lost sight of putting our customers first regardless of our growing size, scope, and reach. Our values are simple and form the fabric that holds us together wherever we are, whatever we do.

We offer a wide range of environmental consulting services. Our main services focus on asbestos, lead and mold inspections, monitoring and testing. Our staff of highly qualified professionals is trained to reduce the health and financial risks of environmental hazards. You can trust ACS for all of your environmental related, engineering and analytical needs.ACS provides a full range of residential and commercial environmental consulting services.



Asbestos related services include pre-demolition and general building surveys, asbestos abatement, air and/or project monitoring services, bulk and air sample collection, and laboratory analysis. At ACS, all of our asbestos services meet or exceed all current guidelines and are completed in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.



Due to potential conflicts of interest, asbestos abatement contractors cannot hire or provide required monitoring, clearance, and area air sampling services on their own projects. In New York State, building owners are required to utilize a certified and licensed Third-Party Project Monitor and Air Sampling Technician on most asbestos abatement projects. We offer specially trained New York State Certified project-monitoring personnel to oversee compliance with all regulations, so you can rest assured the asbestos abatement project will be completed in a safe, efficient and professional manner, all under the watchful eye of ACS Environmental.



ACS performs lead based inspections on single and multi-family dwellings, as well as apartment buildings, commercial properties, schools, daycare centers, medical facilities, and sites under construction. Whether it’s to get approved for a mortgage, obtain homeowners insurance, or to comply with federal, state and city regulations, ACS can help you understand your obligations and fulfill them in a simple, timely, and cost-effective manner.



At the completion of a lead abatement project, a qualified and experienced technician is required to perform final clearance testing. This clearance sampling may include dust wipe sampling, soil sampling, and/or air sampling. ACS Environmental Services can provide qualified personnel to perform lead abatement clearance testing and assist you with determining the requirements that apply to your specific project.



A Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment identifies lead hazards and provides an action plan for dealing with any identified hazards, which would include acceptable abatement and interim control methods based on specific site conditions. Risk assessments include a visual inspection of the dwelling, an assessment of building history, age, management and maintenance of the dwelling, the number of children under the age of 6 and women of childbearing age who reside or frequent the dwelling, in addition to sampling of deteriorated paint, dust and soil.



ACS Environmental Services is certified by New York State to provide mold assessments and testing. In addition, all of our mold assessors hold their own New York State certifications ensuring as an organization, we meet or exceed all current guidelines. We meticulously survey buildings and homes to locate areas of suspected mold growth or water infiltration. Once identified, recommendations are made to eliminate existing mold and prevent future mold growth.