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University of Oslo Faculty of Law

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Karl Johans gate 47, 0162 Oslo, Norway
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About the Center for European Law

The Center for European Law is a forum where members from the faculty's various departments can exchange experiences and collaborate on European legal issues. The center is also a place where academics, practitioners and society in general can meet and discuss new developments in European law.

The center was established in 1989 as a faculty center at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo. Since then, it has provided EU / EEA law teaching and served everyone who works with European law research at the faculty.

Research and teaching

One of the centre's central research areas is institutions, procedures, principles and legal source issues in EU and EEA law. The center also researches the basic rules on "four freedoms" of EU and EEA law.

The employees associated with the center research and teach in particular EU and EEA law. Developing EU / EEA legal education and competence is a key task for the center.

Research groups and networks

The center has employees in the faculty's research group for marketing, innovation and competition . The Center has also given rise to the European Law Network, which is a hub for researchers with an interest in European law, and the European Law list, which is an e-mail list mainly aimed at practicing lawyers.


The main activities at the center are:

  • Weekly lunch seminars on developments in European law, ongoing research projects, and the like.

  • Monthly interdisciplinary lunch seminars in collaboration with the faculty's various research groups.

  • Larger evening seminars (3-4 per year)

  • An annual European law conference for practitioners.

  • An annual academic conference for European law communities at the universities of Bergen and Oslo.

Content-rich library

The faculty has a rich library with an extensive collection of EU / EEA law, which is available to anyone who needs literature in the field. In addition, the center prepares the newsletter EuroRett in collaboration with Lovdata.