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Baku Steel Company

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Mir-Jalal Street, 15 (Darnagul), Baku 1029, Azerbaijan
(012) 490 30 70
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We are Baku Steel Company, the largest metallurgical company in the Caucasus, which was established by the great leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev and has proven itself in the country's economy. We always keep ahead by applying innovative technologies and equipment. It is no coincidence that we have replaced our furnace with a new Siemens VAI furnace that meets modern standards and is second to none in the CIS countries, Turkey and Iran.


The furnace capable of producing thirty alloys with an annual production capacity of 550 thousand tonnes is provided with three state-of-the-art 3.5 MW gas oxygen burners, which allows using chemical energy. By doing so we reduce the electric power consumption, thus lowering the prime cost. This means an increase in the quality, variety and quantity of products.


Continuously developing its export policy, the Company exports its products to Russia, Georgia and other countries, and cooperates with world-renowned companies, such as Siemens VAI, Demora, Danieli, Vezzani, Air Liquide, CVS and others in order to improve its production and be abreast of the times. BSC is also a large taxpayer in the country's non-oil sector.


As a member of the Azerbaijan Society of Metallurgists we can say that it thanks to the professionalism of our metallurgists and the innovations applied by our management that the products of Baku Steel Company are highly competitive with those produced abroad. Our development and our policy are once again indicative of the correctness of our actions.


Baku Steel Company (BSC) established by the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev in 2001 has from the very first days of its operation been focused on innovations and quality, continuously increasing its production capacity and maintaining its competitive capability. Continuously expanding its business scope, the Company has two electric arc furnaces and three rolling lines, with the annual steel production capacity reaching 1,000,000 tonnes (one million tonnes).


In 2010 BSC was completely renovated and now manufactures a wide range of products such as rebars, square billets, round billets, channels, rolled wire, angle bars, I-beams, square and round rods, and various types of castings.


Through maximising the automation of its production processes the Company prevents potential accidents resulting from human errors, accelerates the production and ensures high quality products. The Company management also places great value on the environmental protection, which has led to complete renovation of the Gas/Dust Catcher to ensure fully automated removal of dust and polluted air generated from the production process, thus preventing pollution of the environment.Our production is our strength that we gain from the properly formulated policy and correction actions.


Baku Steel Company is the first privately owned heavy industry enterprise in the country and the first modern steelmaking plant in the Caucasus region.
Baku Steel Company, the flagship of the modern Azerbaijani metallurgical industry, started its operations on 21 June 2001. National Leader Heydar Aliyev participated in the official opening ceremony of the plant and expressed his high opinion about the work and production conditions created. "Such a metallurgical plant established with foreign capital in the private sector in Azerbaijan is a vivid example of the consistent economic policy pursued by the Azerbaijani state," said by the wise leader is the highest opinion about the activities of Baku Steel Company. Since the first day of its existence the Company has experienced major development. It holds an important place in the Azerbaijani economy, is closely involved in the creation of new jobs and provision of ecological balance, and remains one of the largest taxpayers in the non-oil sector.


Baku Steel Company strives to take a leading part in the creative activities carried out in the country, taking advantage of the economic policy implemented by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev. The reconstruction and modernisation activities in the metallurgical industry over the past two years has been linked to the name of this flagship company, and its products have won fame as an Azerbaijani brand in the neighbouring countries.


Our goals

- To promote Baku Steel Company as the leading metallurgical exporter in the region and the world.
- To demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development;
- To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction in the field of our operation
- To gain a reputation of a leading employer company

Founded in 2001, Baku Steel Company has continuously developed and focused on technological innovations. It is no coincidence that over the period of its operation, the Company has increased its production capacity, and started manufacturing the following range of products in compliance with German and Austrian ISO 9001-2008 certificates:

  • Structural Channel
  • Diameter - 80, 100, 120, 140, 160 mm
  • Length - 6000-12000mm
  • Standart - ГОСТ535-2005, ГОСТ8240-97, ГОСТ380-2005