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Company: Limmud Magyarország Alapítvány, Budapest, Hungary

logo Limmud Magyarország Alapítvány

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Budapest, Károly krt. 25, 1075 Hungary
06 20 776 0732
+36 20 776 0732

The basic purpose of Limmud is to help all Jews take a further step on their own Jewish path. Regardless of trend or perception, we want to give every Jew a sense of belonging and community through the experience of learning together. At our events, we try to present all aspects of Jewish life in the framework of lectures, roundtable discussions, interactive classes, craft, sports and children's programs.


Limmud is based on volunteering, so we offer events that offer a variety of programs and are open to everyone on our own, on a voluntary basis, and  the speakers are also volunteered. The coordination of the work of the volunteers and the administration of administrative matters is done by an employee, the project coordinator. 


Limmud, which combines the features of conferences, free universities, workshops and trainings, started its journey in England in the early eighties , with the primary goal of showing new ways of learning and paths to Judaism for those who practice their own Jewry and for non-Jews. The theme bars at the event in England expanded year by year, as did the number of performances and visitors. Today, an outstanding social event is the five-day “conference” with hundreds of programs, with thousands attending each time.


Since its inception in England, the local Limmud Group has been formed in many countries around the world, including Hungary, where anyone can take part in the most exciting and inspiring Jewish learning experience. 


Keset was born from the meeting of Limmud's Hungarian dreamers and the ideas of the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), which supports Jewish initiatives in Eastern Europe . The civilian volunteers used the well-known Limmud pattern as a basis, but focusing on Hungarian issues and themes, the Hungarian Jewish community was considered a primary target group. The JDC participated in the work as a “catalyst”, the ultimate goal was to bring independent Limmud Hungary to life.


The first Keset conference was held in September 2006 in Budapest, on the Roman shore. The JDC provided the technical and financial background, and the compilation and implementation of the programs was done through the work of volunteers. After the success of the third event held at Normafa, the independent Limmud Hungary Foundation was established to organize Limmud's events in Hungary. From here, the event was organized entirely according to Limmud principles, so you can use the name Limmud with the consent of English Limmud. 


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