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Zeel reviewed
(5) to
Ampala info services

Ampala Info Services is the epitome of excellence when it comes to election marketing services and more. Their commitment to delivering outstanding results and their unwavering dedication to their clients sets them apart in the industry.

I have had the privilege of witnessing their exceptional work firsthand, and I must say that Ampala Info Services truly understands the intricacies of election marketing. Their team of experts possesses a deep understanding of the political landscape and utilizes innovative strategies to ensure maximum visibility and impact for their clients.

What impresses me the most about Ampala Info Services is their ability to tailor their services to the specific needs and goals of each client. They take the time to thoroughly analyze the requirements of the election campaign and develop a comprehensive marketing plan that is both effective and efficient.

Their website, https://www.ampalainfo.com/election-marketing-gujarat/, is a treasure trove of valuable information and showcases their expertise in the field. It provides a clear overview of the services they offer, including election branding, digital marketing, campaign management, and more. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and explore the various options available.

Marianthi reviewed
(1) to
Dr Contractor

Upon presenting by ambos and unlawfully admitted to Whyalla hospital to see dr Contractor, rather than checking my wrist band to confirm patient, nor did he question me to see and hear me, he immediately threatened me with a needle which is assault and tried to force me into medication for a condition I never had!!!! My ex carer/boyfriend faked being my uncle from Coober peedy, which I've never been and all my family in Victoria, and said I was psychotic and delusional and falsely put me with this negligent doctor which took me a week to prove I had no family here in SA and when I requested a poison test as I seen my ex and carer sprinkle a white substance powder from his left pocket jacket into my food, Dr Contractor laughed in my face. I requested this a few times, only to be laughed at!!!!! I threatened the doctor with legal action against him for his unprofessional conduct and he very quickly discharged me. Not long after, a fake report from another doctor started circulating around and I was told that this doctor was the reason I was admitted in a year I never been to see anyone to cover doctor Contractor misconduct. I have several witnesses doctor Contractor contacted previously to find out if my family is all in Victoria, hence why he discharged me. He knew I was angry and tried to force anti psychotic drugs into me. I have no criminal record especially violence so I know the doctor knew he was wrong!!! Lucky I have the real report and 10 copies sent in different places of Victoria in case lies circulate! I have contacted lawyers and taking legal action finally as I needed treatment for poisoning of lead and horse tranquilizer and cyanide!!! I have skin lesions from food poisoning which was diagnosed as bacterial Staff and my report on high lead levels at that time which leads it to my ex carer boyfriend who should be charged with attempted murder but his brother in law is a Sargent, and his sisters work in medical industry to cover evidence and my ex carer a water carter filling my tank regularly and my ex carer dad is a plumber and has access to all poisons!!!!! This is a disgrace in every way!!!! These people need to be held accountable and there is no police officer I can trust to present my case! So I've made it public here for all to be aware of crime within medical and police industry. I do NOT recommend anyone to Dr Contractor, EVER!

Alena Borisova reviewed
(5) to
custom boxes provide a professional look

These custom boxes provide a professional look to my business. Frank assisted the process from start to finish and offered excellent recommendations about custom boxes for my products.

Hayley Murray reviewed
(5) to
I would highly recommend this company

I ordered custom packaging boxes from YBY Boxes Australia. We were looking for unique packaging boxes for our products and this company offer a quote and delivered exactly what we needed to fulfil our shipping requirements to our customers. I would highly recommend this company. I will use them again!

Alex reviewed
(5) to
Good Place to Check-in

Amazing Staff and well equipped rooms. Recommended!

Blessing B reviewed
(5) to
Good service

I am pleased with their Service