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2400 Augusta Dr, Houston, TX 77057, United States
+1 713-999-0880
+1 713-999-0880
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"RGI. HOUSTON, TX SINCE 2008 We work closely with both law enforcement and military trained personnel providing our clients with the greatest level of security, knowledge and professionalism. Our licensed security investigators are handpicked from many candidates and the majority of them have served in the U.S military. We pride ourselves in helping our troops coming back from combat by finding their way into the workforce via employment with our firm."


About Us

We work closely with both law enforcement and military trained personnel providing our clients with the greatest level of security, protection and professionalism. Our licensed investigators are handpicked from many candidates and the majority of them have served in the U.S military & Law Enforcement.  Our customer service and personal relationships with our clients, as well as the relationship between the investigator and client are the best in this industry.



While hiring a private investigator (P.I.) might seem like something out of a 1940’s film noir type story, the truth is that there is a thriving investigation industry and depending on what type of information you need to make absolutely sure is correct (or if you need to find out what is really going on) then it is time to see what a professional P.I. can do to help you out. 

For Lawyers & Law Firms
Unsolved Crime & Cold Cases
Private Security
Financial Fraud
Identity Theft
Criminal Background Check
Call now for a free consultation: (713) 999-0880.

Looking At Personal Background Investigations
Background checks aren’t just for big companies checking up on potentially new employees! You never know what type of secrets a person might hold near to themselves. Whether you’re looking at someone who is new and coming into your family or life, or you’re starting to wonder about the life of someone who has been around for a while, you may find yourself needing to check someone’s background. If you want true piece of mind, you want a full background check that is done by a professional while making those background checks as confidential as possible.

Why Get Background Checks?
There’s a lot that can be learned from performing background checks on individuals who might have something to hide. There’s a lot of crucial information, and depending on the situation that information could be extremely important. Just basic information could be true age, overall marital status, history of where they lived, if there were any criminal charges or convictions, driving record, safety record, mental history, and more. These are important pieces of information and depending on the situation it can be critical information that you want to know.

  • Consider a background check for a:
  • New boyfriend or girlfriend
  • New partner of a family member
  • Nanny
  • Boss
  • Employee
  • Neighbors and more!



Do You Need A Deep Background Investigation?
A truly good P.I. service will be able to do a lot more than just give you the very basic background checks but they will understand how to really dive into the deeper levels of doing a thorough background investigation. This could include contact with past neighbors, friends, or associates to learn more about personal habits, the general reputation of the person being checked out, dating history, and any lifestyle information that might really change how you view things.

In addition to this, you might find out if the person you’re suspicious of has run a background check on you or someone you know or care about. A deep investigation also looks at aliases, other names, or even issues that might be hidden like criminal issues under another name, Social Security numbers, or other issues. You will know who your are actually dealing with and what their true past is – not the story that he or she is now trying to spin to you.

Consider that you want to know and how important having the proper information is. Is someone’s safety at stake? Most private investigators will tell you better safe than sorry.


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