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275 Commerce Dr Suite 200, Fort Washington, PA 19034, USA
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D’Lauro & Rodgers, Inc., is a premier Philadelphia commercial general contractor working on commercial, retail, hospitality, educational, and life sciences construction projects for over 20 years. Built on the belief that cooperation is the key to meeting the critical performance objectives for each project and ensuring a positive experience for our clients.

D’Lauro & Rodgers, Inc., we offer over 350 years of Philadelphia commercial remodeling services to bring your visions to life. We fully understand that each project is as unique as the company that will use the space. Our attention to detail allows us to offer multiple building options to fulfill your concepts and budget.

At D’Lauro & Rodgers, Inc., we are a general contracting firm with a client base that consists of commercial, retail, hospitality, educational, and life sciences construction projects. Our expanding list of clients spans from Philadelphia as well to the Tri-state area. Our philosophy of integrity, collaboration, quality, and our strong corporate culture have given us the reputation to handle tight schedules, confined sites, rigid budgets, and health/safety standards in the region. As we continue, we are committed to striving for and envisioning a perfect work environment that combines the needs of our clients with an ideal work schedule to set up your project for success.

D’Lauro & Rodgers provides a wide range of services to bring your construction project to fruition. With over 350 years of combined experience, our team is fully equipped to handle your project on time and on budget. 

A construction or renovation project involves many moving parts. Our partners rely on our experience working collectively with building owners, property managers, subcontractors, and other professionals to help achieve their conceptual vision. 

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and focusing on offering them a great experience during our entire time together working on the project and beyond.

To discuss your project needs and the services we offer, call us on (215) 542-0100 or schedule a consultation with one of our experts.


Office Renovations

We can assist you with everything from cosmetic changes to completely reimagining your space. Whether your goal is to increase operational efficiency, overhauling an existing aesthetic, promote more inclusivity, or make singular upgrades such as lighting or security, you can rely on our decades of experience ensuring our clients’ vision is realized.


Commercial Remodeling

Remodeling your existing space provides several benefits to your team, to the environment, and to your community. 

By eliminating design elements that inhibit communication, we can rapidly boost the productivity and morale of your employees. You can also increase your mechanical systems’ efficiency by using technologies such as HVAC while taking advantage of possible tax credits for embracing green solutions.

We are well known throughout Philadelphia and the Tristate area for being a trusted partner on commercial remodeling projects. Some of our long-time clients have relied on our expertise in several iterations of their space spanning decades.


New Commercial Construction

D’Lauro & Rodgers has generations of experience handling new builds. We help coordinate with architects, engineers, subcontractors, and other building professionals to help ensure a client’s vision is achieved.

A new commercial construction project consists of many stages, including the feasibility assessment, pre-construction, the build, finishing the interior space, and additional finishing construction, including landscaping.

Our team of professionals will manage each step of the process, working closely with our client, partners, and vendors to ensure the project is within budget and on schedule while using the highest quality materials.


Feasibility Assessment

Before a construction project can be fully realized, a feasibility assessment is required. 

Evaluating a project’s viability begins during the conceptual stage, where we work closely with the developer and architect. This includes assessing the site, systems, and equipment proposed for the project.

A feasibility study requires a detailed site survey to determine if secondary construction, such as access roads, is necessary and to ensure that there is access to utilities and other services. 

Additionally, the project’s environmental impact will be reviewed, along with obtaining any required permits or governmental approvals. D&R begins the preliminary work with subcontractors to calculate estimates and generate an accurate and thorough budget proposal based on the initial design concept.

The cost of materials, building systems, and structural requirements will be evaluated for cost and appropriateness. Where necessary, our expert team finds alternative materials, designs, and other structural adaptations to increase the project’s viability.


Pre-Construction Services

Once the feasibility assessment is completed, the planning stage of your project begins. 

During pre-construction, we collaborate closely with the design or development team to maximize the efficiency of the process. By addressing issues before committing to a final plan, our efforts aim to reduce the need for multiple design generations.

During this phase, the preliminary budget will be completed, including analyzing the cost of materials, labor, and other factors that could impact the expense and completion schedule. Pre-construction allows us to value engineer the decisions, potentially offering alternatives to reduce the budget.


Schedule Preparation and Tracking

At D&R we understand that every client project is unique.

Whether your project is an office renovation or new commercial construction, you deserve a building partner who has attention to the many small details. D&R is committed to creating a manageable schedule, including milestones and delivery dates, when moving a project forward.

We will coordinate with the developer, architect, structural engineers, and other building trades to manage the construction project and schedule. This includes overseeing project meetings and managing construction through to completion. If necessary, we can also provide LEED Certified Project Management.


Contracting Services

When we partner with you, we put your needs and vision first. 

To keep your project on schedule and on budget, we will not only prepare the schedule and construction budget but can also award construction bids to subcontractors and procure all the necessary materials and equipment. 


Design/Build Coordination

We work closely with developers and subcontractors from the early stages through the completion of the punch list. 

We will coordinate with electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and fire trades to ensure the project complies with industry standards, building codes, and our client’s requirements.

Our reputation is built on the strong relationships we have developed with our clients, partners, and suppliers. Our network of professionals helps us move your project forward and quickly mitigate any issues that may arise.


D’Lauro & Rodgers Provides a Full Scope of Commercial Construction Services

With over 350 years of combined experience, D’Lauro & Rodgers is committed to partnering with our clients through a wide range of construction management services to help achieve their project goals. 

Contact our office at (215) 542-0100 or request a call back to discuss how our services can help turn your conceptual idea into reality.

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Q: Where is D'Lauro & Rodgers, Inc.?

A: D'Lauro & Rodgers, Inc. is located at: 275 Commerce Dr Suite 200, Fort Washington, PA 19034, USA, United States

Q: What are the coordinates of the D'Lauro & Rodgers, Inc.?

A: Latitude: 40.1365165677614,Longitude: -75.2002821052908

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A: D'Lauro & Rodgers, Inc. is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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