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Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic logo Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic

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502,5th floor,Rajashree Plaza, infront of shreyas cinema, Lalbahadur Shastri Road Ghatkopar West Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086
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Dr. Amjad Shaikh is a dynamic surgeon for Bypass Surgery in Mumbai. He has performed more than 1500 bypass surgeries. He is specialized in Total arterial LIMA RIMA Y Beating Heart Bypass surgery. In this surgery, we use arteries from inside the chest thus avoiding cuts on hands and legs. He is currently associated as consultant cardiothoracic surgeon in Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Global Hospital, Reliance Hospital, Masina hospital , Raheja hospital, Cumballa hill hospital and Bethany Hospital in Mumbai.

He has vast experience of total arterial LIMA RIMA Y Beating bypass surgery, valve surgery ,minimal invasive cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery. He has a vast experience of treating vascular diseases like blockage in the vessels, laser for varicose veins and Endovascular procedures like stents. He has experience of more than 1500 cardiac surgeries , more than 500 laser varicose vein surgeries. He is certified Heart transplant surgeon and has done 3 Heart transplants successfully. His special area of interests are Minimal invasive valve replacement like TAVI and valve in valve placement in Mitral Valve. He has a rich experience of 15years in surgical speciality.

Dr. amjad shaikh is dynamic consultant Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon. He has vast experience of total arterial LIMA RIMA Y Beating Bypass Surgery, Valve Surgery ,Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery and Thoracic Surgery.


(CABG) Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

CABG is the most commonly performed heart surgery globally. It is the gold standard treatment for the multivessel disease. If the patient is detected with more than two blockages on angiography, bypass surgery is the best and long-term treatment available. Conventional bypass surgery needs, patient to be
put on a heart-lung machine and a vein graft is used to bypass the blockage. In modern technique, bypass is performed using internal mammary arteries on beating heart without a heart-lung machine, which is considered to be more superior than vein graft and long-lasting provided the operating surgeon is skilled. Overall, the success rate of bypass surgery is more than 99%. The most common fear of the general public is mortality which is actually less than 1%.

Valve replacement and Repair Surgery.

Rheumatic heart disease is very common in India affecting females more than males and prevalent in low socioeconomic conditions affecting heart in age group 15-40 years. It affects predominantly mitral and aortic valve. It causes valvular stenosis and/or regurgitation lesions. Patients presents with breathlessness, fatigue, tiredness while doing routine activities, sometimes chest pain, syncope can be there.

Along with the clinical presentation, diagnosis is confirmed with echocardiography (2 D Echo). The mainstay of treatment is either valve repair or replacement surgery.

Minimal invasive cardiac surgery

As we are advancing in technology, now a days we use minimal invasive techniques for performing bypass surgeries, and Valve surgeries.  Surgery is performed through small incisions on chest without cutting breast bone called sternum.  Bypass surgery can be performed through small incision on left side of chest with fast postoperative recovery and early discharge from hospital. Patients can resume their normal routines very early. But completeness and quality of surgery is  usually less than conventional surgery in bypass grafting. The operator skill required is high.

Minimal invasive valve surgery is best available treatment option as recovery is very fast  with minimum pain with a good outcome. Now a days mitral valve replacement and repair surgeries are routinely performed through small incision on chest.

Congenital Atrial septal defect surgery is best performed with minimal invasive surgery, as patients are young, it is cosmetically much accepted surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic

Q: Where is Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic?

A: Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic is located at: 502,5th floor,Rajashree Plaza, infront of shreyas cinema, Lalbahadur Shastri Road Ghatkopar West Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086, India

Q: What are the coordinates of the Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic?

A: Latitude: 19.1589258, Longitude: 73.0287094

Q: How is Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic rated?

A: Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic has not rated yet on addressschool.com

Q: What days are Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic open?

A: Dr. Amjad's Heart & Vascular Clinic is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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