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Amaz Project, Inc logo Amaz Project, Inc

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Los Angeles
Beverage Distributor
3110 Main St building c, Santa Monica, CA, 90405, USA
(310) 310-0672
(310) 310-0672
Monday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM,Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM,Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM,Thursday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM,Friday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM,Saturday: Closed,Sunday: Closed
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Amaz offers all-natural, nutrient-rich, and plant-based elixirs made from superfoods and herbal extracts that we ethically source from agroforestry systems in the Amazon rainforest. Valued for centuries by shamans and healers for their life-giving properties, these ingredients can detoxify your body, strengthen your immune system, and relax your nervous system. Every time you feel tired, refresh, and revive yourself with our Rainforest Renew, Tropical Boost, and Floral Relax drinks. Alongside water, apple juice, Cupuaçu puree, and dried Camucamu, these natural energy drinks contain other energy-boosting ingredients. Rainforest Renew contains Suma root, also known as Brazilian Ginseng, and spirulina, a nutrient-rich superfood that can boost your energy levels, cleanse your blood, and enrich your immune system. It also contains Graviola puree, Caja puree, and ginger extract. The natural caffeine drink, Tropical Boost, contains Guarana extract, a stimulant and energy booster http://healthybodytoday.net/boost-up-your-energy-level-with-natural-energy-boosters/ that can improve mental and athletic performances, and Catuaba bark extract, which is a strong tonic for strengthening overall body function. It also has Caja puree, banana puree, dried beet, and green coffee extract. Floral Relax has passionflower extract, passion fruit puree, and Mulungu bark extract, which have sedative, soothing properties. The vegan beverages are available in 296 ml bottles in packs of six on our website. We donate two percent of our sales to the Xingu Seeds Network. Aside from promoting reforestation and agroforestry, the Network provides a livelihood to the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon. Get more information about our natural detox drinks, please visit us at https://liveamaz.com/amaz-store & https://liveamaz.com/product/amaz-12-pack-lemon-ginger.

AMAZ Variety Pack, AMAZ Rainforest Renew, AMAZ Floral Relax, AMAZ Tropical BoostAMAZ Variety Pack, AMAZ Rainforest Renew, AMAZ Floral Relax, AMAZ Tropical Boost

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Frequently Asked Questions about Amaz Project, Inc

Q: Where is Amaz Project, Inc?

A: Amaz Project, Inc is located at: 3110 Main St building c, Santa Monica, CA, 90405, USA, United States

Q: What are the coordinates of the Amaz Project, Inc?

A: Latitude: 34.0285755134642, Longitude: -118.500542485873

Q: How is Amaz Project, Inc rated?

A: Amaz Project, Inc has not rated yet on addressschool.com

Q: What days are Amaz Project, Inc open?

A: Amaz Project, Inc is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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