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Company: SPAR market, Budapest, Hungary

logo SPAR market

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Super Market
Budapest, Nagymezo u. 25, 1066 Hungary
06 20 823 8746
+36 20 823 8746

Monday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM,Tuesday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM,Wednesday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM,Thursday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM,Friday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM,Saturday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM,Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft. Was established in 1990. The group's first SPAR store was opened in Tata in 1991. The store transformations and store network purchases of the first years of the activity were followed by a series of new store openings, including greenfield investments. A significant step in the network expansion was the transformation of the fourteen Billa stores taken over at the end of 2002 into SPAR, as well as the 2003 acquisition of twenty-two Kaiser's supermarkets. The largest acquisition in the history of SPAR was completed in 2008, when it took over the entire Plus network operating in Hungary. 

The company has been operating its own meat processing plant in Bicske since 2004, as well as a convenicence plant in Üllő for the production of fresh sandwiches and salads. In 2012, the company group started building a franchise system in Hungary. In parallel with the network expansion, the renovation and modernization of the company's older units is also ongoing. SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft., With almost 13,000 employees, is the fifth largest employer in the country. Currently, more than 500 SPAR units operate in several department stores nationwide (INTERSPAR hypermarket, SPAR supermarket, City SPAR supermarket, SPAR partner, SPAR market, OMV-SPAR express, Lukoil-DESPAR). 

At the end of 2019, SPAR Hungary had a total of 382 self-operated stores (34 INTERSPAR hypermarkets, 328 SPAR supermarkets, 20 City SPAR supermarkets), and 190 stores operated under its franchise program (24 SPAR partners, 53 SPAR markets, 85 OMV-SPAR express, 28 Lukoil-DESPAR), which represents a total of 572 stores with the SPAR logo. with nearly 13,000 employees, it is the fifth largest employer in the country. Currently, more than 500 SPAR units operate in several department stores nationwide (INTERSPAR hypermarket, SPAR supermarket, City SPAR supermarket, SPAR partner, SPAR market, OMV-SPAR express, Lukoil-DESPAR). 

The administrative center of SPAR Hungary, among several other buildings, is located at the Bicske exit of the M1 motorway (kilometer 39). 

The central office building was first expanded at the end of 2002, when the departments previously operating in Budaörs moved to Bicske. In 2005, as a result of the continuous expansion of the network, it became necessary to expand the central building; a futuristic meeting bridge and a 3-storey parking garage have been established.

  • Address: 2060 Bicske, SPAR út 0326/1.
  • Phone number: 06-20-823-7000
  • E-mail:  info@spar.hu

SPAR Hungary's selection includes SPAR branded products, which are only available in the SPAR Group's stores. The products are of excellent quality and have quickly become popular with consumers due to their favorable price / value ratio. The triumph of SPAR branded products has been unbroken since its introduction in 1997. Based on the feedback from our customers, SPAR brand products are happy to buy because of their reliable quality, wide selection and affordable goods.

We currently have more than 1,100 types of food and chemical products, as well as more than 1,000 types of non-food own brands, in almost all of our product groups.

SPAR supermarket

The SPAR supermarket is a type of business close to the place of residence of the SPAR Group, which specializes mainly in daily care and provides quality commercial services. These SPAR supermarkets are mostly retail units with a sales area of ​​400-1,000 m2. 1 year later, after the establishment of SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft. In 1990, Tata opened its first supermarket. The selection of SPAR supermarkets includes thousands of products, among which the fresh goods offer, which is one of the strengths of the SPAR store chain, should be highlighted: fruit and vegetables, dairy products, bakery products, meat products, confectionery and cold kitchen products, etc. 

With their easy access, free parking, clear sales area and high-quality services, SPAR supermarkets provide fast and convenient, affordable shopping.

Our services :

  • wide range of goods;
  • high quality fresh goods (fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat products, cold cuts and confectionery, freshly baked locally baked goods);
  • strictly controlled fresh cod meat and meat products from SPAR's own cutting and meat processing plant;
  • more than 2700 SPAR brand products and SPAR exclusive brands (S-Budget products, Regnum meat products, SPAR Natur * Pur organic foods, SPAR Vital product line, REGIO coffees, Lovely stationery, etc.);
  • gift basket assembly;
  • ordering for cold dishes;
  • professional, courteous service;
  • fast passage at checkouts;
  • good accessibility;
  • it is open every day of the week;
  • Sale and redemption of SPAR meal and gift vouchers, Accor Services, Chéque Déjeuner, acceptance of Sodexho Pass
  • credit card payment option;
  • adoption of the euro;
  • regular promotions, weekly new promotional newspaper.

INTERSPAR hypermarket

The INTERSPAR hypermarket appeared in the Hungarian SPAR network in 1995 - for the first time in Győr. This SPAR department store chain is a residential, hypermarket-type department store type that offers a wide range of other consumer goods in addition to the full range of food, at a favorable price level, ensuring the possibility of high-quality daily and large-scale shopping in one place. INTERSPARs are easily accessible on foot and by public transport, and there are hundreds of free parking spaces for car buyers.

There are currently 34 INTERSPAR hypermarkets within the store network of SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft. Some of the INTERSPARs operate in shopping malls, others operate as a stand-alone unit. INTERSPAR hypermarkets with a sales area of ​​4–6 thousand m2 sell about 30 thousand types of goods, almost two thirds of which are made up of a rich selection of food, including an attractive fresh produce. In addition, electrical and other household items, toys, clothing, stationery, textiles, seasonal items and other products are available in stores.

Services :

  • show bakery with a wide selection of locally baked, mouth-watering pastries;
  • ordering cold dishes and cakes for family celebrations and various gatherings;
  • making decorative packaging and gift baskets of different compositions
  • more than 2,700 SPAR brand products and exclusive brands;
  • parking opportunity;
  • credit card payment;
  • Adoption of the euro;
  • Budapest Bank commodity loan;
  • Sale and redemption of SPAR gift vouchers; Acceptance of Sodexho Pass, Check déjeuner, Accor Services vouchers;
  • digital image processing.


The first City SPAR stores opened in Budapest in 2006, after the transformation of former SPAR supermarkets; and the third store was also opened in April 2008 on Erzséber körút, one of the busiest points in Budapest. City SPAR already on its behalf suggests a vibrant urban shopping opportunity; and our customers can find a cleaner, clearer, more convenient sales area, modern equipment and a new range of products in the redesigned stores.

Focus on quality!

City SPAR stores represent the high standard and excellent quality characteristic of the other units of the SPAR Group; and the usual selection, which also includes SPAR branded products, was supplemented with ready-to-eat foods (ready-made sandwiches, pizzas, salads, locally baked crispy baked goods, grilled delicious snacks, cold kitchen preparations). Our customers are greeted by qualified, helpful staff, ensuring fast, daily shopping.

The long opening hours adapt to busy locations that are easily accessible by public transport until late at night.

OMV SPAR express

  • the first SPAR express stores were opened at OMV filling stations in Hungary;
  • SPAR and OMV aim to make SPAR quality and range available at filling stations as well;
  • in the coming years, SPAR express stores will open at additional OMV filling stations.

The first step has been taken to make supermarket-specific goods available at filling stations, at supermarket-specific prices. The first SPAR express store was opened at the OMV filling station on Fehérvári út in Budapest, which is the first supermarket in Hungary to be located at a filling station. SPAR and OMV plan to open SPAR express stores at additional OMV filling stations in the coming years.

With the opening of the new retail unit at the filling station, in addition to refueling, motorists can even arrange their daily shopping quickly and easily. The SPAR express store awaits its customers with a wide selection and a wide range of fresh products. The menu also includes packaged fresh vegetables and fruits, a variety of dairy products, sliced ​​and vacuum-packed delicacies, and freshly baked crispy baked goods.

The price level is lower than customers could get used to at filling stations. Our latest unit, opened at the charging station, is the first SPAR store to be open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, providing easy access and convenient parking. The SPAR express offers fast shopping, up to 4-5 minutes, for both motorists and local residents. SPAR private label products are available in the store at SPAR prices.

Under the new concept, in addition to supermarkets at some filling stations, OMV will continue to offer its high-quality coffee, as well as a wide selection of sandwiches and pastries. The cooperation between SPAR and OMV in this form does not extend to Austria, where only VIVA stores remain at the filling stations.