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karen blixens boulevard 7, Den Gode By
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Mortimer is the simpel and reliabel solution for tracking time in your company. 

  1. Upholding the Spirit of GDPR:

We pledge to uphold the highest standards of data safety and privacy, aligning our practices with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our commitment extends beyond compliance; it is about respecting the trust our clients and employees place in us.

  1. Transparency and Accountability:

We believe in complete transparency in our data handling practices. We are accountable for the protection and ethical use of personal data, ensuring it is processed lawfully and used only for its intended purpose.

  1. Empowerment through Data Rights:

Every individual associated with our organization has the right to access, rectify, or erase their personal data. We empower our clients and employees to exercise these rights, fostering a culture of respect and trust.

Ethical Time Management

  1. Protecting Workers and Promoting Transparency Ethical Time Tracking:

Time tracking is not just a managerial tool but a commitment to ethical labor practices. We use time tracking systems that comply with GDPR and EU working time directive, ensuring the privacy and security of employee data.

  1. Preventing Overwork and Ensuring Fairness:

We recognize the adverse effects of overworking. Our time management practices are designed to accurately record work hours, prevent employee burnout, and ensure compliance with labor laws. This approach promotes a fair and balanced work environment.

  1. Creating a Transparent Workplace:

Transparency is key in our operations. By implementing clear and ethical time management practices, we foster an environment of trust. Employees are aware of how their time is tracked and used, eliminating any ambiguity or misuse.

  1. Continuous Improvement and Dialogue:

We are committed to continually improving our data safety and time management practices. We encourage open dialogue with our employees and stakeholders, ensuring our practices reflect our collective values and the latest legal standards.

Time tracker solution that helps companies stay compliant with time and work hours regulations. 


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Frequently Asked Questions about Mortimer

Q: Where is Mortimer?

A: Mortimer is located at: karen blixens boulevard 7, Den Gode By, Denmark

Q: What are the coordinates of the Mortimer?

A: Latitude: 56.1616589917332, Longitude: 10.1341263210638

Q: How is Mortimer rated?

A: Mortimer has not rated yet on addressschool.com

Q: What days are Mortimer open?

A: Mortimer is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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