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Company: PT. Sunrise Steel, Surabaya, Indonesia

PT. Sunrise Steel logo PT. Sunrise Steel

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Jl. Bypass Mojokerto KM. 54, Jampirogo, Sooko, Padangan, Sumolawang, Kec. Puri, Mojokerto, Jawa Timur 61361, Indonesia

PT. Sunrise Steel is present in Indonesia as an answer to consumer needs for Zinc Aluminium Coated Steel (BjLAS) ZINIUM material which can be applied to all aspects of human life and has a long life in use. Innovation of PT. Sunrise Steel is the only Zinc Aluminium Coated Steel (BjLAS) ZINIUM product that meets the "Longer Usage Term" principle compared to other similar products, which is also friendly to the environment and for future survival.


PT. Sunrise Steel wants to touch all aspects of human life, through various variants of Zinc Aluminium Coated Steel (BjLAS) ZINIUM applications which are useful for everyday life, starting from buildings, electronic components, household appliances, and much more, all of which require the principle of " long-term usage ”as the most important aspect. PT. Sunrise Steel wants to open the view of the modern generation that Zinc Aluminium Coated Steel (BjLAS) material can be applied to almost all aspects of human life and has high durability for long-term use.


ZINIUM® is an innovative Zinc Aluminum Coated Steel (BjLAS) product from PT Sunrise Steel with various advantages when applied to various products, such as roof trusses, metal tiles, ceiling frames, etc.


ZINIUM® is processed using the best and quality materials so that it has the advantage of absolute higher corrosion resistance, causing ZINIUM® to shine longer and not dull quickly, compared to other similar products.


At a glance, ZINIUM® has a more homogeneous mosaic texture appearance than other similar products. If we take a closer look, we will find various unique advantages of this ZINIUM® product.


On the ZINIUM® surface, we can find a mosaic texture in the form of randomly arranged triangles with varying sizes ranging from 0.5 mm to 3 mm in dimensions.
This texture is not meaningless, because it is a marker of the homogeneity of the elements of Aluminum and Zinc, which shows the stable quality of the protection layer against various corrosion-causing particles.


In addition, this layout is able to make ZINIUM® surfaces appear more attractive and shiny.

Coated Steel

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