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Company: Cabbage Film Factory, Budapest, Hungary

Cabbage Film Factory logo Cabbage Film Factory

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Budapest, Ürömi u. 25-29, 1023 Hungary
06 30 443 5370
+36 30 443 5370
Monday: Open 24 hours,Tuesday: Open 24 hours,Wednesday: Open 24 hours,Thursday: Open 24 hours,Friday: Open 24 hours,Saturday: Open 24 hours,Sunday: Open 24 hours

Cabbage Film Factory provides complex production services within the film and commercial industry, including production and post-production. Ever since the company was founded in 1999, we have met our clients’ needs in all aspects of the production process with our high-quality service. Cabbage Film Factory is in continuous partnership with many different multinational corporations and global brands. We have been entrusted with the promotion of brands including Procter & Gamble (Ariel, Lenor, Pampers, Oil of Olay), Danone, Vodafone, Telekom, OTP, Richter Gedeon, Béres Gyógyszergyár Zrt., Sanofi, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Samsung, Milka, Tchibo, Dreher, Soproni, Adidas and Erste Bank, among others.

Our expertise is modern digital film post- production, which includes editing, adding 3D tricks and visual effects and digital grading, all up to international standards. Our highly professional team is prepared to create and produce commercials and films from scratch at Cabbage Film Factory. With our multiple well-equipped studios and modern camera park, we’re ready to bring your ideas to the screen. We also operate a sound studio where we collaborate with distinguished composers and musicians. Cabbage Film Factory’s services are offered as an all-inclusive package, or individually, in any stage of production.

Our branches, Cabbage Film, Cabbage Service, Cabbage Event, Cabbage PR, Cabbage Location and Cabbage Casting, take advantage of synergy, while also working independently.
The various subdivisions of Cabbage Film Factory work together to form strategy, conduct creative planning, and complete preparations and production tasks. We provide internationally competitive solutions to all realistic production or communication challenges that may arise.


Cabbage Film Factory provides complex production services within the film and commercial industry, including production and post-production.

Ever since the company was founded in 1999, we have met our clients’ needs in all aspects of the production process with our high-quality service.

Within the existing network of Cabbage Film Factory, the Cabbage Film subdivision is in charge of individual post-production services as well as complex film production.

If you would like to receive an offer or make an inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact our producer, Gábor Mórádi:

+36 30 942 1154



Under the roof of Cabbage Film Factory, Budapest Color Club has opened a BROADCAST and DCI STANDARD cinema grading room, fulfilling all the possible needs of the market in a state of the art environment, with the supervision of the internationally known colorist Jano Fekete C.S.I.

For more information:

Janó Fekete

+36 30 212 1181


CABBAGE ATELIER – The photographic studio

Atelier is a French word which means “studio”, or “workshop”, and in the glory days of photography, masters of the craft captured images in studios. Light, be it natural or artificial is the source of all photography, and also something we have mastered perfectly to help you create pictures as you see them in your mind in a comfortable studio environment.

Natural light shines through 12 square meters of roof windows angled at 45 degrees onto a painted white backdrop and can easily be manipulated or eliminated with the help of shutters or light guide plates. In that case, we’ll bring out our state of the art Hensel units equipped with flash heads along with a wide array of light modifiers available to contemporary photographers.

For more information:

Ádám Bagdi

+36 30 566 4661



Our all-inclusive 2D and 3D production services include all the tricks of the trade from storyboarding to delivering the final cut.

We provide high-quality services for all platforms including film, television and the internet, be it previsualization, television commercials, title sequences, product visualization, 2D or 3D animation, branding and visual identity design, DTP layout, high-resolution modeling, architectural visualization, or cinematic visual effects, our team’s creativity knows no limits.

For more information:

Zoltán Fodor

+36 30 583 4466



Clients have access to a professional sound studio, a workstation with extraordinary acoustics and an anechoic chamber. Our services include dubbing, sound recording, audio post production, free voice casting and actor coordination. We offer composition, remixing, full production and access to our archives or rented music. Our sound studio is equipped with a separate room for sound editing that fits six to eight people comfortably.

For more information:

Gábor Giret

+36 30 202 6205



Our Cabbage PR subdivision builds trust and brand equity, is in charge of promotion and news generation. By teaming up with BePResent!, a PR and communications agency providing complex services, we are able to solve any and all of your communications problems. We offer promotional services to our Partners through our personally established connections, which include the upholding of a consciously built positive image and reputation.

If you have any questions or would like to receive an offer, please contact Dóra Herczeg, head of Cabbage PR:

+36 30 603 3851



Whether it is a location or a person, Cabbage Film Factory can provide you the right fit for your production.

The Cabbage Location team often goes to the extreme to scout locations all across the country, providing clients with an extensive selection of personalized sites for filming and photoshoots. Our location scouting services include obtaining required permits.

Our Cabbage Casting staff conducts casting sessions to find the perfect model, actor or extra for your production, no matter what age or look you might need.

For more information:

Szintia Karádi Tünde Moravcsik
+36 70 385 9988 +36 30 924 9542
szintiakaradi@cabbage.hu moravcsiktunde@cabbage.hu



Our studio has four workstations available to our clients for online editing, each one set up to run both AVID and Premiere.
Professional editing assistance or technical assistance of any kind will be provided upon request.

Editing rooms may also be rented solely as work rooms, 24 hours a day. The available software is always up-to-date and ready to use.
Workstations operate with high storage capacity and are connected to the studio’s secure network.

Further information:

Zoltán Fodor
+36 30 583 4466


Besides our available photo studio, we offer rental services for photography equipment, including DSLR cameras and lenses and any other filming gear you can think of.

You’ll find video cameras like Blackmagic Design and their many accessories here.

We lease high-quality equipment, perfect for professional photography and filming.

For more information on our latest inventory and prices, call this number:

+36 30 873 5133

Ádám Bagdi

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