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Company: SEW Oil & Gas BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands

SEW Oil & Gas BV logo SEW Oil & Gas BV

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Oil Company
Aalbos 6, 1721 PL Broek op Langedijk, Netherlands
0226 310 000
+31 226 310 000

As of January 1, 2020, a name change took place at SEW. SEW Oil & Gas BV has become SEW Energy BV. When we founded SEW Oil & Gas BV, we were fully focused on the oil and gas producing market, in particular the pipeline and construction activities on board the offshore production platforms.


In the meantime, the market in which SEW is active has become much broader and the name SEW Oil & Gas BV no longer fully covers it. A lot has changed due to the developments in energy production, the energy transition, and the developments within SEW. The name SEW OiI & Gas BV therefore no longer fits with our activities and no longer with our vision of the future. Our new name:  SEW Energy BV.


This does not entail any further noticeable changes. Contact persons, addresses, telephone numbers, bank account numbers and Chamber of Commerce registrations remain unchanged.


SEW Energy BV is the reliable specialist in high-quality technical solutions in the field of industrial installations. We work closely with operators, constructors and engineering firms in the energy sector who aim for the best quality. Based on customer specific needs, we design, realize, install and maintain piping, constructions, equipment, vessels, tanks and E&I Installations. Onshore and offshore. Our expert and multidisciplinary teams surprise you with their approach, advice, realization and aftercare. We are happy to think along with you to get to the core of your challenge.


With our flexible and high-quality solutions you are assured of a significant safety and productivity improvement and thus relieve you of important concerns. This allows you to realize your ambitions even better. We also supply professionals for support and / or extension of technical services. High safety and quality standards in our work processes and high delivery reliability are a matter of course for us. We are an ambitious and driven employer and offer our team a transparent and challenging work environment with room for personal input and development. Our team consists exclusively of quality and customer-driven professionals who aim for the best result. Taking their own responsibility and looking for continuous improvement is a matter of course for them.


SEW stands for Stainless Equipment Works, which was founded in 1996 as a designer, manufacturer and installer of equipment and constructions for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.


Stainless Equipment Works started with 12 employees and was characterized as a driven company that ensured that every project was delivered to everyone's satisfaction. A growing clientele and project size proved that the quality standards were met in all respects. SEW was originally located in a commercial building on Hornweg. Due to the continuous growth and development of the company, the current business premises on Aalbos were taken into use in 1999. In 2009, this building was further expanded so that separate production of stainless steel and steel became possible.


In the following years, SEW has grown into a manufacturer of specialist equipment and means of transport for the oil and gas, food and process industries. Over the years, specific knowledge has been gained of welding and processing techniques for carbon steel, stainless steel and special and 'exotic' materials, such as austenitic and feritic stainless steel, aluminum, cunifer, polypropene materials and glass fiber piping material.


The activities from the offshore industry, for both the prefab and the site activities on the platforms, grew considerably. That is why it was decided at the time to set up a separate BV to accommodate these growing activities. SEW Oil & Gas BV, now SEW Energy BV, was established on 1 January 2007.


The activities from the food and process industry also received a significant boost. Because the activities in this sector require a different approach than the activities of the offshore industry, SEW Food & Process BV was established on 1 January 2008. This allowed us to respond well to this market with the specific wishes and requirements.


Both organizations grew and we faced a shortage of space. In 2010 SEW Food & Process BV decided to move to another location. The temporary location on Dopplerstraat was exchanged after two years for the location on Stevinstraat.


Since January 2018, SEW also has an electrical / instrumentation department with the acquisition of Eprofs. This has expanded the service package so that a wider range of projects can be carried out.


With the acquisition of SEW Oil & Gas BV in December 2018, the current SEW Energy BV has become an independent company and is no longer affiliated with SEW Food & Process BV As of September 1, 2020, SEW Food & Process BV continued under the new name Meprofa BV

The strength of SEW Energy lies in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of pipework, constructions, equipment, vessels, tanks and E&I Installations. Onshore and offshore. We specialize in high-quality welding of pipes, building steel structures and E&I Installations, where all customer requirements are met.


An enthusiastic team of expert specialists is at your service and brings every project to a successful conclusion. We work closely with our clients with high safety and quality standards. We are strong in finding suitable solutions for our customers and are happy to think along with you.


SEW  Energy  BV can be of service in the following areas:

  • Engineering, pipework, construction work, instrumentation, electrical work;
  • Manufacturer of process skids and vessels;
  • Manufacturer of offshore transport skids;
  • Manufacturer of pipes / instrumentation and electrical systems;
  • Manufacturer of small and large construction work;
  • On- and offshore installer of the above systems and parts;
  • Specialist in welding, turn arounds , modifications to on-offshore installations;
  • Specialist in the field of E&I for new and existing on-offshore installations.
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